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Best Gift for Any Traveler 🎁

Hi my name is Jennifer Wayland from Island Travel Group where we’ve been designing tailor made vacation experiences for frequent travelers just like you for decades!

Today I’m here to share my TOP PICK for a special gift for that upcoming vacation companion and exactly how to use that gift!

Flytographer is a vacation photography company. They have photographers located around the world and you look at their work and hire them to take vacation photos for you, you and your friends, you and your loved ones, or whoever is on this vacation with you.

They are located just about anywhere you would vacation, so I trust there is a terrific photographer available in your next vacation destination!

There are several packages to choose from with Flytographer, ranging from 30-minute sessions starting from $250 and you can customize from there. You also can photograph in multiple locations.

THE BEST THING IS that all of the digital images are included!

When you pick your destination, you are given a list of photographers so you can view their portfolio, an example of their work, and choose the right photographer for you. Usually you will be drawn to the editing and filters a specific photographer uses.

They answer unlimited questions about choosing locations, share suggestions based on what you’re wanting out of your session, and help you choose the best time based on things like lighting.

You will get your pictures in 2-3 days, which is a nice turnaround time, usually while you’re still on vacation and can share them on social media.

Then you can get your pictures processed into fun canvases and professional prints using a site such as Mpix; they do an amazing job and their pricing is super reasonable.

For more information on Flytographer, watch this video.

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