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Thank you for Voting us BEST of the BEST Travel Agency in Champaign-Urbana!!

I feel like we have a unique story about seeing the silver lining during COVID.


My name is Jennifer (Huls) Wayland, owner of Island Bridal Inc., a travel company HDQ in Urbana IL with locations throughout the U.S.

We are thrilled to be voted Champaign-Urbana’s Best of the Best Travel Agency! For more than 30 years, I have been dedicated to giving you peace of mind when you travel and at Island Bridal Inc., Island Travel Group, we endeavor to do that now more than ever before. We are beyond thrilled to begin welcoming you back - safely and comfortably - to stunning destinations around the world.

I founded Island Bridal in 2002 because I felt that honeymooners, who are often spending more than ever on the vacation of a lifetime, deserve individual private consultations and the best possible advice from the most experienced travel advisors. Fast forward 18 years and I have a team of exceptional travel advisors working together to give 7-star service to all of our guests, including honeymoon and destination wedding guests whose families have now grown and expanded.

But that didn’t happen overnight. I spent many years overwhelmed trying to be everything to everyone and I was spreading myself thin working in the business, without time to work on the business. COVID has truly been one of the best things to happen to my travel company. While for obvious reasons, financially it has been a struggle, we have perfected the 7-star service we have always aimed to give our customers, making sure they get the experience they want while setting and meeting their expectations.

We were voted Champaign-Urbana’s Best Travel Agency in 2020 because as a tight-knit team of travel professionals, we work closely together to share our worldwide travel experiences. What this means for our travelers is that we are able to keep you informed of any updates to travel or the destination, answering all of your questions about your trip. We help you celebrate milestones when you travel (birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and more.) And we follow up for feedback to ensure that next time we can elevate your experience even further.

Being a phone call or email away if you have a problem while traveling has become easier as we used COVID to weed out and vet new vendors that are able to give our guests the type of service they deserve in the destination. We work within a hierarchy and have to be able to count on our vendors in the destination; as a consumer, you are a one-time guest to the resort and you are important, as a travel agent, we send 100’s of guests each year to a property and have more of a relationship and persuasion, while our vendors send 100’s of guests each night to a property so they have a lot of influence. So we tell our guests "if you’re not getting the service you think you deserve, call us. We will make every effort to make it right for you." If we aren’t getting the answer we think you deserve, we will call our destination management company. We have to be able to count on our contacts in the destination to serve our customers well.

Once again, thank you for voting us Champaign-Urbana’s Best of the Best Travel Agency in 2020!! We look forward to continuing to go above and beyond booking your trip. For more information on planning your bucket list vacation, call Island Travel Group at 877-933-2929, email, or visit us online at

Happy Travels!

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