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Destinations-Wedding Requirements



Although they share similarities, each island is distinctly unique in accommodations and attractions. Allow our Hawaii Experts to help you curate the perfect island experience. Choose from breathtaking mountain vistas, ocean front lawns, and stunning water falls.



Choose from the lush lagoons of the Mexican Riviera to the deserts that line the deep dark Pacific ocean. Symbolic ceremonies are popular, often to avoid required blood test, and legal ceremony performed in Spanish.

Dominican Republic


It's all about the long stretch of beach here, not to mention the golf. Symbolic ceremonies prove to be quite simple. Availability for legal ceremonies can be difficult to  obtain and confirm, requiring more time and financial investment.



Stunning peaks and valleys, mountain springs, and lively people are sure to leave you wanting more. Obtaining a marriage license in Jamaica is "irie mon." Visitors may be married within 24 hours after arriving, though many resorts require minimum 48 to ensure sufficient time for preparation.


Island Bridal offers travel information on a wide range of destinations. Learn about your destination today and contact us for more information and recommendations.

Booking a major trip is exciting,

but it can also be a bit overwhelming. 

We understand. That's why we have live Travel Experts here to take care of your every need, making your trip stress-free & amazing.


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A place reserved for lovers, due to a fairly new law, Americans and Canadians can now have a meaningful wedding in one of the most romantic places on Earth!



There is a reason they call it the Caribbean. The ocean is your playground - here you will find the right beach front for your special occasion.



Opt for a pink sand beach. Rent a scooter and explore!



Experience true Fiji - opt for one of our boutique hotels. All-inclusive in the South Pacific.

Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico doesn't boast the all-inclusive features that we crave in the Caribbean, but makes up for it with food, culture, and nightlife.



Picture turquoise water and powdery sand glistening in the background ... and so close to home.

Central America


Central America is for eco-friendly couples, and adventure seekers. Fill your bags with goodies to take home, such as coffee from a local estate.



Mega-ship, tall sails, or private yacht? We recommend that you marry pre- or post-cruise to ensure smooth sailing, yet there are amazing options everywhere in-between.



Planning a vacation can be a part-time job, with critical deadlines. Allow our Certified Disney Specialist to tend to the details to ensure your moments are magical.



Amazing food, traditional dance, and a sense of community will leave you wanting more. Enjoy history, wide open spaces, shopping and nightlife.

Australia + New Zealand


Why choose when you can easily see it all? These two destinations compliment one another -   from bustling cities, to exotic nightlife, natural wonders and aborigines.



Where wine is cheaper than water; wine and bread with every meal. Enjoy historic strolls and breathtaking views.



A trip to Greece can be multiple vacations in one! Cruises offer a sampling of multiple locations, island stays bring island pace and time to connect, beautiful land and seascapes promote healthy blood pressure, stomping grounds of Saints Paul and John bring the Bible to life.

Greek Villa
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