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How to Charter a Yacht in the Caribbean!

You want to start by talking to someone that specializes in Yacht Sailing Charters, attends the boat shows, meets the owners/crew and views the boats, and can help you fit your party to the best boat and crew. Living in close quarters for often a week at a time, finding the perfect fit is very important.

There are three types Catamaran (2 hull), Trident (3 hull), monohull or power yacht. Most boats have a nice website that describes what they offer, no brochures.

The best places to sail are British Virgin Islands, Greece and Tahiti.

Most charters are from St. Thomas, USVI. (STT airport code)

Yacht charters are typically based on 6-7 night rentals, and start from $2,800 per person. However, shorter rentals or dead time between longer rentals may be arranged at a prorated rate or surcharge.

The most popular rentals are 2-12 people or 2 tandem charters that tie up at night and during the day. 4-8 people is the most economical. Sometimes a couple can join others on a set itinerary (has to be set since there are different parties involved.)

Usually included are food, drinks (including alcohol), snorkel gear, paddle boards, kayaks, sometimes fishing but anymore a fishing license is necessary-so some do and others can arrange fishing for you.

Before you go, you will fill out a preference form of what you like, what you want on the boat as far as meals and drinks, as well as planning an itinerary. After final payment, you will be connected with the crew to plan.

The rates in the charter industry are set; there is no discounting, so there isn't fear of finding a lower price. Our guests continue to book with us, as we provide the right boat and crew, and the additional value of arranging flight, transportation, sightseeing, and insurance for our guests.

Some ships/crews can accommodate special diets and offer accessible accommodations.

There is wifi on all boats.

This is a great market for:

  • Sun and water worshipers

  • scuba (included on some, available on others)

  • Nudity

  • LGBT

There is good entertainment on the islands including any excursions a land vacationer would enjoy, steel bands, guitarists. The islanders welcome tourists, and shorts and swimwear is the dress code.

The contract is between the boat/crew and the client - both captain and client sign the contract.

25% deposit required

50% at 6 months prior

Full 60 days prior

MUST offer Travel Insurance

Contact Us to inquire about your next vacation and learn more about a Yacht Sailing Charter Vacation! Click HERE to schedule a complimentary 30-minute Vacation Planning Session.

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