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How to Travel and Stay Healthy

I always say that travel allows me to break bad habits. I have time to think, organize my thoughts, and often make better decisions, in both business and for my family.

I am not alone when I explain just how healthy travel is. Did you know that, among women, lack of vacation is associated with a higher risk of heart disease? Vacationing improves your mood and reduces stress. It can also temporarily boost productivity. People who travel more frequently are more satisfied with their physical health and well-being.

Did you know that people who travel tend to have a longer life expectancy?

Forbes lists five reasons why travel is good for you:

  1. It’s a great stress buster.

  2. It helps to reinvent yourself.

  3. It boosts happiness and satisfaction.

  4. It makes you mentally resilient.

  5. It enhances creativity.

I collaborate to plan vacations and incentive trips for hundreds, sometimes thousands of travelers each year. It is a fact that it is often difficult for one to set aside the time to travel, and often difficult to get away once the time comes. It is also a fact that those travelers almost always say “We are going to do this more often” or “Next time we are going to stay two weeks!”

Do you realize that once your child is born, you have only 16 summers (or Spring Breaks) to make memories and create healthy habits with them? I once was a guest at a Dude Ranch in Wyoming. We played all day, learning to pen cattle, fly fish, hike and ride horseback. In the evening, we were entertained by the staff with a ranch dinner in the mountains around a campfire, learning to square dance, and more. I met a mother/daughter pair and learned that they came to the ranch every year. They told me their story; the daughter had gotten involved with a bad crowd and was making poor choices. The mother/daughter relationship seemed irreparable. It was recommended to get the daughter out of town, to prove there was life - a better life - outside of her current situation. Their relationship repaired, they return every year to celebrate.

“A long stretch of road can teach you more about yourself than a hundred years of quiet.” - Author unknown

I encourage you to take the first step; talk to one of our experienced travel advisors and get vacation recommendations tailored to your life, your situation, your dreams. We work with all budgets; you make the decisions, we just make it easy for you to achieve your goal!

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