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Off Peak Travel Ideas

Australia and Africa may seem far away but with the larger and more comfortable aircraft on these routes, as well as the in flight entertainment, I like to think of it as an opportunity to sit back, watch a few movies and take a nap.

Both Australia and Africa are well known for being aquatic playgrounds, with Australia's 10,000 beaches - the largest island in the world, and the Great Barrier Reef, the only live organism visible from outer space. Africa is home to the Shallows - the largest concentration of great whites where you can go cage diving.

I believe to truly experience a destination you have to get out and meet the people. That's why we love planning for Australia and Africa, because they want to get to know us, as much as we want to get to know them; and English is the common language in Australia and widely spoken in Africa, so we feel right at home.

Aussies and Africans love their sports. Australia is home to some of the most iconic sporting events and in Africa, many may not have running water in their home, but they have satellite dishes attached to their house, to ensure they don't miss a game.

Australia and Africa are full of wildlife and experiences not found anywhere else on earth.

There is nothing like spending time with the oldest culture in the world, the Australian aborigines. And visiting a village in South Africa, while on Safari, is something you will never forget.

Both Australia and South Africa have their larger cities with grand attractions and museums, but also are full of amazing wineries right outside of town. The food and wine are world renowned in both Australia and South Africa - and the views are amazing.

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