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We always provide you with insurance quotes, and we are happy to provide copies of the policies ahead of time for you to look over. For further information about coverage, we will refer you to the insurance company.

Here are two reasons we are unable to answer questions regarding coverage:

  1. Our passion and expertise is travel, not insurance.

  2. We are not legally allowed to interpret insurance coverage.


Three Aspects of Travel Insurance

Most travel insurance policies bundle these three aspects together, but if you only wanted one of them, a good insurance broker can help you with that:

  1. Trip Cancellation. This covers you if you are unable to make the trip (for specified reasons). Without this coverage you are risking whatever you paid for the trip.

  2. Trip Interruption. This is for annoying things like flight delays or when your luggage goes missing. Imagine traveling at the holidays and being stranded at the airport with no available flights for days; meal costs, unforeseen and/or unfortunately missed hotel, tour and transportation costs.

  3. Travel Medical. This is the critical one, and the main reason we highly recommend trip insurance. Your health insurance doesn't cover you outside the U.S. and likely outside your area. You are taking a significant risk if you leave home without this. It can cost you tens of thousands of dollars if you are caught without this type of insurance. 

“I’m insured on my credit card”. Check the fine print – if you’re relying on such coverage, make sure you know what’s in there (and what is not).

Cancel for any reason?

Most travel insurance policies will cover cancellation for specified reasons. Concerned about uncovered reasons? Ask about an upgrade to “Cancel for any reason." Farmers, for example, it may be worth it.

All of a sudden, the extra amount for ‘cancel for any reason’ seems like a bargain.

To summarize:

  1. Always make sure your out-of-country trip is protected by insurance.

  2. Be informed about what you’re buying when you purchase insurance

  3. If necessary, consult an insurance specialist

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