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Honeymoon Registry Tips

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At Island Bridal Travel, we want to help you make your honeymoon registry tasteful and successful at the same time!

You Need to Know!​

  • You get the cash (unless you opt out)

  • You decide when and to which account your registry cash goes to

  • There is no reservation made upon purchase (unless you opt for a pre-loaded item through a specific service provider)


When creating your registry, you will find that you have the option to choose from many pre-loaded activities and excursions offered at your destination and resort. Note: The pre-loaded activities and excursions on your honeymoon registry are symbolic of the pricing you will pay when you actually reserve the service.


We recommend that you customize your registry. You want the items that you register for to represent what your guests are willing to pay for your wedding or shower gift. So make your registry successful by creating a customized a la carte registry item that reads something like:

Example #1:  Upgrade to Ocean Front Room     Quantity: 7        Cost: $80 each

The upgrade may actually cost $170 per night, and you are already booked in the upgraded room, but your guests don't know this. You are making your registry successful by pricing items that you register for at a price your guests are willing to pay.

Note: Your guests will be so excited to exclaim “I upgraded them to an Ocean Front Room for 2 nights!”

Example #2:  Ziplining   Quantity: 2    Cost: $100 each

(The ziplining excursion may actually cost $140 per person, but this item is more likely to be purchased if it is offered at a price your guests are willing to pay.

Perhaps you are registering for a couples massage that runs $240 total for two? If you don’t think your guests will spend $240 for your wedding gift, perhaps customize your registry like this:
Example #3:
  Spa Massage    Quantity: 2      Cost $120 each 
(if you get two of these, your couples massage is paid for!)


Spa Credits     Quantity: 5     Cost $50 each


Or perhaps you don’t see the exact tour that your experienced Vacation Designer recommended to you. Again, create a customized a la carte item by uploading your own pic and details that read:






(This is one of our personal favorites in St. Lucia)


Do Not Over Register! The last thing you want is to return from your vacation, a guest asks how you enjoyed your zipline adventure, and you answer “oh, we didn’t get time for that.” This will result in an unhappy guest that is wondering what happened to the $ they spent on your ziplining registry gift.


Your registry will automatically deposit the registry gift funds into your account/financial institution, send a check for the money collected from your registry, or directly pay the service provider. To schedule and pay for your service in advance, will help guarantee availability and save you precious vacation time; That’s why we highly recommend that you spend some time with your Vacation Designer/Travel Planner prior to your departure, planning your activities and excursions before you go. 


Best wishes!! And thank you for trusting your special vacation to our experienced Vacation Designers at Island Travel Group!

Start Your Registry
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