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Top 3 Places to Host Your Destination Wedding

Today I am sharing with you the Top 3 Places to Host Your Destination Wedding

  1. Aruba: Aruba is pretty much Always Sunny and 82 degrees. In other words the low temperature range from 76-80 year-round and the highs range from 86-91 year-round.

And the best part is the entire island gets less than 20 inches of rainfall a year! Weather is guaranteed not to “rain on your parade” or in any way negatively affect your wedding plans!

There is almost no crime on the island.

The legal procedure is a simple process that happens the day of your wedding and you can have almost any type of music, vows, etc as part of your ceremony.

  1. Jamaica: English is the native language, they have one of the purest water systems in the world - you can drink water right out of the tap,

it’s the most fun-loving, laid-back culture, atmosphere and people you will ever meet. Jamaica has more all-inclusve resorts that any other Caribbean country from budget to super-luxe options too, including vilas and private homes with their own chefs and housekeeping. You can choose from the majestic mountains of Ocho Rios or the more low lying hills and long-walking beaches in Negril. And getting married is a breeze; whether it’s a legal ceremony or renewal of vows. I highly recommend you include the local culture and people to spice up your wedding event!

  1. Antigua: Why get hitched in Antigua? It has 365 beautiful beaches - one for every day of the year! It is an upscale island with gated communities, many all-inclusive resorts, and some unique boutique resorts. It’s a popular yachting destination and full of nautical history, and it’s a safe island with some good little shopping where the cruise ships come in. Not to mention girls, the humidity and rainfall are low year-round.

For more advice from our award-winning Destination Wedding Travel Advisors, visit us at, email us at or call 877-WED-AWAY. You’re one small step from a stress free wedding in some of the most beautiful places on earth!!

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