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Normandy Beaches & American Cemetery

France is a very beautiful country, with Paris being the most visited city in the World! Complete with Palaces, famous monuments and museums, and large beautiful gardens.

You can conveniently tour the country of France by car, by train or by river cruise. The Seine river runs through Paris and gives you gorgeous views of the city - day and night.

From Paris the Seine stretches from Paris, runs through the breathtaking French countryside, to Normandy and the English Channel - the sites of D-Day.

We stepped foot on Omaha Beach. It was a strange and humbling experience to walk in the footsteps and bury our feet n the sand.

We visited Pointe Du Hoc, where our remarkably well-trained American Soldiers scaled the 90 ft cliffs to the German bunkers where they expected to find large guns. Yet the heavily bombed bunkers were empty. they found only large craters from the heavy bombing the area had endured.

I recommend a visit to Arromanches where you will see the remains of Port Winston. Our military knew that the Germans occupied all of the ports in France, so they constructed a port remotely, transported it and pieced it together like a jigsaw puzzle in just two days. This was the only way to get food, ammunition, vehicles and artillery into France. The D-Day museum at Arromanches is home to a Gallery of models built after the war by engineers who had designed Port Winston. It's quite an extraordinary display!

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