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Florida All-Inclusive Resort

Club Med Sandpiper Bay is located in central FL. The resort is well known as the only tropical all-inclusive resort in the U.S. I took my kids to check it out in October. The atmosphere is what you make of it, but it definitely promotes a fit lifestyle. Complimentary activities abound and instruction is included. My kids learned to play tennis, pool volleyball, sailing, and stand up paddle board. We also competed in a ping pong tournament and non-alcoholic beer pong as a family.

The resort has a European feel; if you travel internationally a lot, you know what I mean. The guests, the admin, food and families were mainly from Europe. The activities staff were young, many fresh from college. They live, eat and work on property, so they are fully engaged with the guests. At least once during your stay, you can count on one or two from the activities staff to join you for lunch or dinner. It was very fun and engaging to hear their stories. Whoever does the hiring does an excellent job at this resort.

All of the activities before 10pm are family friendly, and there are a ton! We could hardly keep up with all of the fun activities planned throughout the day! Don't expect a luxurious vacation. The resort is not super clean. There is not food 24/7, as the restaurants are open for limited hours, so no snacking! But if you want a fun vacation with your family, friends or significant other, and you enjoy the ease of an all-inclusive, you will love Club Med Sandpiper Bay in Port St. Lucie FL.

A typical day goes like this: 9:30am-12noon Sailing, Katamaran, Kayak and Paddleboard at the beach 10:15am Tennis at the Club House or Golf Clinic - driving range open all day 11:30am-12noon Flying Trapeze for Teens or Basketball

2pm Ping Pong Tournament

3pm Volleyball tournament

4pm Stretching/Meditation

7pm Latitude Teen program

Paddle Boarding at Club Med Sandpiper Bay

Paddle Boarding at Club Med Sandpiper

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