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Don't Miss These Top 5 Tips!

PRIORITIES: Talk to each other about must-haves and non-negotiables. This will allow us to design a vacation that is best for both of you and take the guesswork out of the equation.

NOW We're getting somewhere: Come up with a realistic budget for what you are looking to do. Start with the "if money were no object wish list" and whittle down from there.

Don't forget to let people know you're on your HONEYMOON! Here you can view the best honeymoon amenities in the travel industry.

ALL-INCLUSIVE properties are the best way to maximize value. Other resorts and hotels are genuinely located in an area with easier access to public facilities. This may be nice if you are expecting expecting a LOCAL SCENE, or wish to establish a relationship with the area and return soon. Consider TRAVEL INSURANCE. It's peace of mind and generally covers so much more than cancellation. Be sure your trip protection includes coverage for medical emergencies. Chances are your health insurance does not cover you when you are traveling out of your area and especially out of the country.

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